Who am I ?

I work in the digestive system, proctology and cancer surgery fields. I perform my operations with advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques. I usually work in Turkey’s busiest and reference hospitals and, I have an intense clinical practice experience. I am working in General  Surgery department of Turkey’s largest private university Medipol University. I am passionate about my profession. I love people, art, students, being with young people, doing sports. I worked as an administrator in academic and administrative fields for many years. I have a wide network of research interests. I am interested in technical  and also social issues such as trauma, elderly care as well as artificial intelligence in medicine.

In brief

Field of Interests

Gastrointestinal and Oncologic Surgery
Advance Laparoscopy, Robotic Surgery
Gastrointestinal Theurepatic and Diagnostic Endoscopy
Trauma Surgery, Disaster Medicine
Digital Archievement, Medical Education, Virtual and Alternative Education Technics

Professor of Surgery

İzmir Tınaztepe University, School Of Medicide, Department of General Surgery

Head Physician, Tınaztepe Galenos Hospital

Istanbul Medipol University Mega Hospitals, Department of Surgery 

Health Sciences University İzmir Tepecik Hospital, Head Surgeon 3rd General Surgery Department

Health Sciences University İzmir Tepecik Hospital, Medical Director, Head Phisician, 2012-2017

Sakarya University, School of Medicine

Chairman of Surgical Sciences
Head Coordinator of Medical Education Committee
Deputy Head Physician of Sakarya University Education Hospital 
Chief of General Surgery, Sakarya University, Education Hospital

Assoc. Prof. Surgery

Founding Director of 

Continuing Education Center Kocatepe University 2008-2010

Afyon Kocatepe University 1999-2010

Deputy Head Physician of Kocatepe University Hospital

Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee, Kocatepe University Hospital, 2008-2010

Director, Surgical Endoscopy Unit, Kocatepe University Hospital, 2005

Head Physician of Kashmir Red Crescent Field Hospital, Kashmir, Pakistan (Relief of Earthquake)Dec 2005-jan 2006

Kazakhstan Cedy-su Nato Disaster Simulated Practice, Turkish Team, Field Commander, 2009

Afyonkarahisar, Health Research Committee Consultant, 2008-2010

Medical Rescue Team, Afyon Field Operation Commander, 2005-2010

NAtional Medical Rescue Team, Afyon Field Education Consultant, 2004-2010

General Surgeon

Health Sciences University, Istanbul Okmeydanı Hospital, Department of General Surgery, 1998-1999

General Surgery Residency

Health Sciences University, Istanbul Okmeydanı Hospital, Department of General Surgery, 1994-1998

Genaral Practitioner

Konya Sarayönü Hospital 1993-1994

Medical Doctor

Mediterranean University School of Medicine, 1986-1993

Turkish Medical Student International Committee

Representative of Mediterranean University, Public Health Division, 1989-1993

Student Scientific Research Club

Founding Member 1991-1993